Matt Thompson

I just want to give you some positive feedback on your steers; the last of which went to WBE last week (the last of the ones I bought in Feb this year).The last 7 averaged 312.64kg dressed, 11.7mm of fat. (one dressed 360.5kg and went MSA Blue Grid due to being overweight for MSA YG… I couldn’t believe it).Prior to that (Aug and Oct) 12 of yours averaged 284.5kg, 10.4mm fat.All up, 19 head of yours av. 295kg dressed, all milk tooth and pasture fed only. Of course they have had A1 nutrition since April, but I’m impressed with the large gain I’ve seen with your well bred cattle vs others I’ve brought, which have taken longer to finish and are no-where near the weight. I’ve sold approx 15 others (bought elsewhere) in the same period and estimate they averaged 260kg dressed, 8mm of fat, were mainly 2 tooth and I had them all for over 12 months.

So let me know if you want to sell any in the future!